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"Congratulations for clicking on this site and reading this far! You have taken a very big step in a commitment to educate yourself in property investment and insights into property investing trends. We find there is too little material out there to help the average property investor – advice and insights are often expensive and hard to come by. We hope you find the insights I provide on this site of interest and value to you – not only for educational purposes, but out of genuine passion and interest in investing and making money!

So why have we created this site? The main reason is we are all passionate about the subject – love property investing and would like to share our passion with other interested people. The second reason is because we think we can help other people do the same as we have done – namely successful property investing – whilst warning people of the pit-falls.

We have a firm belief that education in finance and investing is key and I would like to help in whatever way we can by sharing good practice with other interested investors. We also do not believe there is any particular competitive advantage in not sharing such information – many people have the mind-set that they have some incredible “inside line” or knowledge that other people have not seen.

We specialize in spotting trends and have proved to be good at this over time, and although we must warn you that our views are not necessarily better than another person or company’s view, and that things can change, we hope the information and insights we provide are valuable to you as an investor.

Wishing you successful investing!"

The Team

About the Team team includes individuals who have been successful in buy-to-let investment, in the UK and abroad in most regions, with a wealth of knowledge and insight into property investment trends, analysis and implementation. We use the website to share knowledge and experience with you, to help you get started in buy-to-let Property Investment, or to improve the performance of your property investment portfolio. We have links with many other investors and companies that are interested in adding value to their portfolios in an efficient and effective way. We also aim to give you the latest hot property news that can help steer your investment decisions, and supply objective investment advice.  

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